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Saturday, March 20, 2021

How to build the forever dog | Forever dog training Part I


And if Tigger could explain herself very quickly to you guys, she probably tell you, she loves pizza. She hates cats. And there's a scuole family that's on the other side of the fence. Every morning, they tease her. She hates them too. But that's not the most incredible part of the story. This dogs pet parents, Julie Morris and Brady unknowingly had no idea. They were raising the 10th all this dog in the world today, a 22 year old Pitbull. Which is incredible, he still going strong. And so for a lot of pet parents today, when we say 22 We're like, jeez, Holy smokes. You know, we've heard of like the 14 or the 15 year old dog, but 22? Is it achievable? What if I told you, my friends that once upon a time, the 20 year old dog may have been a natural thing. You see if we go back 8000 years ago, before the Bible. In the second oldest surviving piece of Western literature, there was a story that was written by Homer. And the story was called the Odyssey. In what you're seeing is a metal etching that sits above my desk was the first interaction between man and dog. But the clue that was in this not a lot of people picked up on you see, Odysseus left his house when his loyal dog Argos was just a baby. And he came back 20 years later to return to his old dog. Now, I'm not saying that the story The Odyssey is a true story. But what I'm saying is the clue for the age of the dog, could have been the fact of that time when Homer was writing it. But are we seeing that today? Are we seeing 20 year old dogs? In 2010, the British small animal veterinarian Association put together a study done on a survey. And today if you ask how old is the typical dog look for 11.3 years as your answer. But that's 2010. Has there been anything updated? 10 years later in 2014, that Kennel Club did a study on a survey of dogs over cohort. But they went back one year, one year you talk to longevity experts, they'll tell you that the dog ages seven times faster than what to go cats, you got to talk about cats. Banfield state of health on over 400,000 cats in their database found that the typical cat lives to be 12. So as pet parents today, should we settle for 10 year old dogs and 12 year old cats? Should this be the norm? Or is there something we can do about it. And according to the top scientists in the world, my friends, there's something that we can do about it. You see, I spent the last few years of my life collecting information. Because I want my dogs to live a very long time you see, I get to sit down with the top scientists, PhDs, geneticists, microbiologists, the best of the best in cancer research, collecting data.
And I do this, to share it back to the people. And today Facebook tells me that I have the largest pet health page in the world. But that's not my driver, my driver, these guys, the loves of my lives. And science tells me today that two of these beautiful dogs have reached the end of the line. If this is it, I should get ready to lose my dogs. But the information that I've been collecting from these researchers, is profound information that will not only slow down the aging process, but will increase longevity, according to the top scientists in the world. But if I had to take five simple things that all of you can do for your dogs, your cats and yourselves, what would they be? five tips to help you increase your longevity. Well, the first thing is stress resistance. We're all stressed out all the time. My coffee is too cold this morning. Wi Fi is not working, I got one bar, we stress about the silliest things in the world. And stress can really affect us. In fact, if we looked at some of the oldest pets in the world, Jake Perry, who set the Guinness World Record twice for 38 and 34 year old TAs, when they said to Jake, what on earth did you do Jake, he said, Well, you know what, I built my cats movie theater. And if they're stressed out, they watch movies at the end of the night. may seem crazy, but look what he's achieved. In fact, as researchers right now, traveling around the world, we see string Rottweilers, Rottweilers die of cancer really early to see around eight or nine. And what the researchers want to know, the Rottweilers that live to be like 15, or 16, what was so special about them had no stress in their lives. Now, we can come home, and we can say, I get a fight with somebody this morning, they pissed me off, I'm so angry, but I'm over them. I can't tell. But not according to science.

According to science, your dog can smell if you had a fight earlier on in the day or the day before. And what's worse is they can adapt to that emotion that you're feeling. You see, I had to travel all the way to the other side of the world, to the University of Naples, where I got to sit down with Dr. biagio, Daniela and his team of scientists. And they were conducting a mind blowing study that literally made major media headlines all over the world. They were collecting sweat samples, people who watched happy movies, and people who watched scary movies. And they collected this sweat and bottles. And then they did this unbelievable study in a small room, where there was a pet owner on one side and a stranger on the other. If they were to take the sweat of somebody that was happy, and a person and put it in the middle, how would the dog react, and it was unbelievable. The second, the dogs smelt the happy sweat, the dog instantly became happy and wanted to meet the stranger on the other side. But what would happen, if they put the sweat of the person who watched this scary movie, instantly, when the dogs would smell it, they would run they would hide behind the owner, some dogs would be so scared, they would press up against the wall. And they would want to make no interaction with anybody. And what the scientists found was that these dogs were not only smelling these emotions, but they were also adapting into those emotions. And so it's hugely important. And the one tip that we can talk about is man, try to get rid of some of the stress in your life. do some yoga, meditate, go for a walk, whatever you can do, it will affect your pet dramatically and yourself. Believe me, when I asked the scientists, what piece of advice would you like to give to the world? 

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