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sábado, 26 de maio de 2018

Pet Food - Premium | Super Premium Part 2/4 | Normal Pet Food

Choosing the best pet food is not one of the easiest tasks, is not it?

There is a great variety of rations and these are distinguished by type, size, composition, etc. With such diverse options, you need to know which fits best to the needs of your furry friend.

Today, i will  explain the  normal pet food.

Normal Pet Food (the cheaper ones)

Also known as common rations, they are balanced products, however the quality of the protein used is inferior. Contains meat-and-bone meal, animal fat, corn gluten, etc. Pets live well with these rations, but it is necessary to take in a large volume to get the required amount of nutrients.
By having soy and gluten in its composition, the common ration provides a lower digestibility. Therefore the amount of feces will be higher, because the body of the puppy can not absorb many nutrients.

These rations usually have a large amount of palatabilizers. Dyes and preservatives are also widely used by producers.
Dr. Phill Trew for Animalix
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