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sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2018

Pet Food - Normal | Premium | Super Premium Part 1/4

The dog is an animal that has nutritional deficiencies different from ours, so your diet should be directed to meet those needs. When we feed dogs with homemade food, most of the time (almost always), we do not promote proper nutrition. However "bland" it may seem, the grain is in most cases the best option. Because?


Let me give some arguments favorable to the use of grains instead of homemade food:

DOG NEEDS - As varied as Rover's food, we can not offer you a complete and balanced diet. Even giving meat, vegetables and eggs, we still can not balance this ration; and noodles, rice and cornmeal are not dog food.

THE PRACTICE - Few people today have time to make their own lunch, let alone the dog's food. To prove, it is enough to observe that sales of frozen and dehydrated food have increased significantly.

THE COST - If we put at the tip of the pencil the expense in elaborating a diet for a dog, with: meat, eggs, vegetables, vitamin supplements and minerals, and the work that we will have adding each ingredient in the right measure to balance it . Compared to the daily cost of feed-based feed. Undoubtedly, the most economical option will be the ration (even if this is an imported super-premium).

Today, many people are providing Natural Food, which is a great option to replace the feed. In natural food, it is not enough to give homemade food to the dog. There is a whole study of nutrients so that the dog's body does not miss anything and there are professional nutritionists who help owners balance the dog's diet. AN (Natural Food) is considered to be healthier than feed and it is said that dogs tend to get healthier and have fewer skin and allergy problems when eating AN. However, it is necessary to follow a veterinary nutritionist and you need to have enough space in the freezer to freeze the portions.

Dr. Phill Trew for Animalix
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Traduction by Jane Mills