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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2018

The Veterinary

The Veterinary

Veterinary medicine is one of many areas of knowledge linked to the maintenance and restoration of health. She works in a broad sense, to the prevention and cure of diseases of animals and humans in a medical context. Being the professional business area of ​​animal / public health formed a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine or an educational establishment Highly Qualified.
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Veterinary medicine is the medical science that is dedicated to the prevention, control, eradication and treatment of disease, trauma or any other damage to health of animals, beyond the control of the health of products and by-products of animal origin for human consumption. It also seeks to ensure the quality, quantity and safety of stocks of animal food through animal health control and processes to get their products.The veterinarian also popularly called Doctor, is the professional authorized by the state to practice Veterinary Medicine, taking care of animal health by preventing, diagnosing and curing the disease, which requires detailed knowledge of academic subjects (such as anatomy and physiology ) behind the disease and treatment - the science of medicine - and competence in its applied practice - the art of medicine.

Both the doctor's role and the meaning of the word vary significantly around the world, but as a general understanding, medical ethics requires that physicians show consideration, compassion and benevolence towards their animal patients. Veterinarians can be general, that is not specialized in any particular area or specialists when specializing in some area.
With understanding the science of the origin and spread of various diseases, and as vectors domestic or wild animals, and to ensure the very physical safety of animals, veterinary medicine has become an important adjunct in public health policies of countries. Spread of epidemic disease, human or animal, is the installation of veterinary barriers that prevent their spread an effective means of control. (
Common Things That Make Veterinarians Crazy)

Allied to this, one of the fields of Veterinary Medicine which is in great rise is the Animal Health Protection, whose objectives are precisely to prevent the occurrence of exotic diseases which may have serious impacts on public health or economic animals, and control or eradicate endemic diseases.
Currently, they are recognized over a hundred zoonoses and numerous other infectious animal diseases that bring serious economic consequences. To combat them, the veterinarian sanitarian exerts Epidemiological Surveillance active, acting directly in the field and controlling the movement of animals, performing the inspection of animal products - such as meat products, milk, eggs, fish and honey looking for signs of diseases that can be transmitted to humans or that might indicate the health status of the herds.